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Floating calculation tool?

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Floating calculation tool?

Posted by Claes Fredö at November 15. 2012

Dear All

Mesh Translation (and similar) operations can be made typing in XYZ positions, angles etc. So, the functionality is there, but GUI does not yet make operation easy & I am too lazy to hand type TUI commands.

It should be possible to add Geometry/Mesh based inputs to provide such information?

To exemplify, From Node # To Node #, or From Vertex # to Vertex #, could be used to define a translation vector. In a similar way, Lines, Edges of Geometry/Elements can define angles for rotation, a set of points or lines define a coordinate system, etc. 

I understand that GUI programming requires lots of effort -but perhaps a generic input could be a good way?

To clarify, XYZ would still be the input to the GUI operation  - but the user could be presented by-, or have the option to- invoke a small calculation tool to derive the above mentioned XYZ information using any combination of data from Geometry/Mesh and to bump the data effortlessly into the GUI menu. This way of working could then extend to angles, coordinates etc.

It seems to me that such a calculation tool could be invoked to bump data into very many menus in Salome and possibly ease the burden of GUI programming.

Just a thought.




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