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Picking and identification

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Picking and identification

Posted by Claes Fredö at November 15. 2012

Dear All

Salome has improved a lot when it comes to group handling (big thanks :)). Would it be possible also to get improved graphical selection tools?

I am thinking of things like:

  • Select Only Visible/Any
  • Enclose Portion of Object/Whole object
  • Selection Box/Circle/Arbitrary area, where the latter Arbitrary option could be any selection area defined by mouse movement,
I find the Crtl Left Button, Crtl Mid Button, Ctrl Right Button to be very powerful. Perhaps Picking could be toggled between modes using similar



Also, it is possible to type in the Node/Element you want in the Mesh Element Info. This reveals its location and the elements etc it belongs to. Very useful.



It could perhaps be enhanced with the option to show also the number of the Node/Element that is typed in/selected? This feature is  helpful when debugging models and greatly speeds up the identification process?




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