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GEOM module (almost) standalone

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  • GEOM module (almost) standalone

    Posted by Gregor Haas at June 12. 2008
    we would like to use the GEOM module to provide the drawing functionality for a tool similar to Blender (

    Have there been any attempts to use the GEOM module independent from the rest of Salome?

    Which are the essential classes which display the 3D window and which handle the user interaction?

    And finally, does a source code documentation (like Doxygen) exist of the Salome sources?

    Thank you
    • Re: GEOM module (almost) standalone

      Posted by Fotis Sioutis at June 12. 2008
      Hello Gregor

        I stripped down salome's GEOM module and managed to create a standalone implementation with all the functionallity included ( +more drivers , +some parametric design functionality).It depends on OpenCascade only and it uses the OCAF framework.Some people succesfully use it in in-house projects and there is an effort to be used by the QtOpenCascade (qtocc) project on sourceforge.Worth to mention is that it has been ported to windows (vs + bds).For any details you can check the project homepage at :

      If you want to have a starting point for your app check at qtopencascade project which uses qt4 for UI, opencascade for viewer and GEOM for geometric features.Here you can see how you can make your first steps on utilising GEOM standalone.

      Many greetings !

      PS:The salome GEOM doxygen documentation lies in :
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