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some minor bugs/problems

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some minor bugs/problems

Posted by Ping He at July 26. 2010

Salome is really good! It really helped me a lot!


I found some minor bugs(well, in case nobody found them :) )

I'm new here and using 5.1.4

1.Object Browser-Post-Pro:

When use cut lines, right click on Field name to create, there will be no data table, while right click on iteration data, there is data table, with same settings.

2.MED-MEMORY(C++ port):

Can't Save <float> type field to file, but can add.<double> is ok.  I wonder nobody use 32bit float like me?

Can't open med file(use c++) generated by C++example in MESHING document, it says SpaceDimention is -1, so I added MESHING::setMeshDimension to get it right.


Thanks for this decent made software!

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