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Virus alert, version 6.6.0 in Windows 7

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Virus alert, version 6.6.0 in Windows 7

Posted by Timo Siltala at December 22. 2012



I downloaded Salome 6.6.0 Windows version, extracted it with 7-Zip and executed run_salome.bat. I got immediately a virus alert from F-Secure virus scanner which indicated that the virus was successfully deleted. Is this normal due to some services Salome is starting or is the package infected?


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Re: Virus alert, version 6.6.0 in Windows 7

Posted by Vadim SANDLER at December 24. 2012

Hello Timo,

This problem has been already reported, but we suspect this is a malfunction of the anti-virus software.

Indeed, SALOME platform implements client-server architecture using CORBA as a transport. In runtime, during the initialization, SALOME components establish connection via CORBA bus to each other using TCP/IP protocol, available free port is automatically searched starting from 2810. This is probably considered by the firewall or anti-virus software as virus attack.

SALOME binaires have been checked with the several different anti-virus softwares (latest versions are used in all cases), including the following:
- Symantec Endpoint Protection
- Anti-Virus Guard (AVG)
- Dr.Web CureIt
- ESET online scaner
- AVG Internet Security 2012

No any viruses have been found by these utilities.
However, the check performed by means of on-line tools shows that several anti-virus utilities complain about the virus presence. Example of such report can be seen here:
It seems that the utilities that detect a virus are built upon the same anti-virus engine, that explains the similarity of results.

I suggest you to check settings of your anti-virus software and probably add SALOME to the list of exceptions.


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