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Salome to CalculiX

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Salome to CalculiX

Posted by Nachiket Wadwankar at May 12. 2010


     I want to use CalculiX as a solver, and Salome as a pre and post processor. Since I am new to both Salome and CalculiX, I don't know, how to convert the *.med (output of Salome) to *.msh, *.nam and *.dlo which are the input files required for CalculiX.

Thank you.


Re: Salome to CalculiX

Posted by JMB at July 03. 2010

There is a small possibility of using Salome with Calculix.  See:

For a script meant for writing output to an ASCII file which can be modified to create an ABAQUS style input file that can be read by 'ccx'.  However all post-processing will have to be in cgx, since writing a calculix to Salome * file is a daunting task!


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