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remove extra edges

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remove extra edges

Posted by Anchit Singh at October 10. 2012

Hi Everybody,

I tried to remove the internal edges from my structure(comination of cube shape solids) using remove extra edges command(union,faces laying on common surface). The command successfully removed the internal edges,but it shifted some points of geometry, thereby distorting the structure(though the edges were at the same position). 

 I have uploaded a pic of a face of my structure(without internal edges). Blue line shows the edges and green marker shows the position of vertex that has shifted. I am not getting how to shift the vertex to original position with python interface.
 I would appreciate any advice regarding the above issue.



Re: remove extra edges

Posted by Christophe Bourcier at October 12. 2012


Actually, remove extra edges does not remove internal edges. Extra edges are small edges coming from the construction of the shape, that hinder the shape from being meshed with hexahedrons. You can check if your shape has extra edges by calling Measures> Check compound of blocks.

If you want to remove internal edges, you should use GetFreeBoundary and recreate the face from the closed wire.

See attached script.


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