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Subscribe to Salome postings / RSS

Posted by JMB at August 13. 2010

Hello ALL,

You can avoid having to login to the website to check if there are any new messages.  By turning on the subscribe, new messages of the forum will be sent your email address.

How to:
Click on your user login name on the top right of the screen (just to the left of the 'Log out' button) and then click on the 'Edit' tab (behind the 'View' tab).  Ensure that a valid email address has been specified, then scroll down to 'Subscribe to new messages' and place a check mark beside it.  That's it. You are done!  You should start receiving them into the email address you have provided.

An alternative is to click the RSS feed (at the bottom of the page that shows all the forums).  I have not tried it out yet.  So if anybody can post what/how about it, that would be nice.

If this message could be made a 'Sticky' posting, so that it appears at the top of every forum category, it would make this information more visible!


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