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Something better than PloneBoard?

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Something better than PloneBoard?

Posted by JMB at August 12. 2010


Having seen and used many bulletin board systems from the days of FidoNet (I wonder if anybody even knows what that was, if not see it is time to review some serious limitations and deficiencies in the software being used for this forum.  Major shortcomings are:

1. Inability to add / correct / modify / delete one's own postings

2. 100KB limit for file attachments.  Salome is a graphically intensive software that needs something more than 100KB limit to depict meaningful graphical information on this forum!

3. No bugs or enhancement requests tracking system which is a serious deficiency in software development arena!

4. Search feature and the format of the results is primitive.

5. Speed / response time; but maybe that is hardware / bandwidth issue.

I realize that it has been upgraded recently from an even more archaic version and is an improvement, but surely there are even OSS / free BBS software out there that do a better job of providing features, functionality and speed.  Yes I realize Salome is free and I should be grateful for that and I am!   But please review some of these concerns of a long time believer in Salome being potentially good software but also a critic with the intentions of improving it and the support structure around it.  Perhaps migration to something else would cause loss of the historical data, but the umbilical cord may have to be cut at some point in time.  Perhaps one could leave PloneBoard as a frozen baby (accessible but dormant) and move on to something better?



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