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Meshing problems

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  • Meshing problems

    Posted by M. Couwenberg at April 05. 2008
    I suffer a lot of problems with meshing geometries. Geometries are imported from IGES or STEP. They are not very complicated. I performed a lot of checks on geometry with a variety of tools which all indicate that there are no problems here. Also Salome in geometry indicates no errors and rendering looks perfect. However meshing in Salome using Netgen1D-2D-3D gives errors like: OCC exception, COMP_ERR_EXCEPTION. This both occurs when geometry was imported as IGS and STP.
    Can anyone explain what this means and how to solve this frustrating error? Note that I have tried tens of variations in geometry building, accuracy settings etc and I am convinced that the problem is no longer in the geometry.
    Hope someone can help me a bit further.


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