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Salome 3.2.9 ??

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  • Salome 3.2.9 ??

    Posted by Fotis Sioutis at April 07. 2008
    Salome 3.2.9 is being distributed with Salome Meca but it lacks source code (distributed only in binary).Is this intended ? My belief is that since there is a public distribution of Salome Meca (which contains Salome 3.2.9) and it still follows open source rules, there should be also a package with source code provided to the public !

    Thank you in advance for any answer to the above issue

    Sioutis Fotios
    • Re: Salome 3.2.9 ??

      Posted by Fil at August 23. 2008

      What is the current status of the SALOME project? It seems that updated version of salome exists: Salome 3.2.9 in the SALOME-MECA "package", Salome EDF.
      What is the roadmap of SALOME development? Is there any hope to see published soon a new version of Salome in this web site?

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