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SALOME version 5.1.1 is released!

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  • SALOME version 5.1.1 is released!

    Posted by Vadim SANDLER at July 10. 2009
    Dear SALOME users,

    CEA/DEN, EDF R&D and OPEN CASCADE are pleased to announce SALOME version 5.1.1.
    It is a public release that contains planned major and minor improvements plus bug fixes against SALOME version 4.1.5. In particular, SALOME version 5.1.1 includes results of porting to Qt series 4.

    Please visit for more details.

    • Re: SALOME version 5.1.1 is released!

      Posted by Erwan ADAM at July 10. 2009
      Thanks a lot Vadim !

      I know the charge was heavy to publish the 4.1.5 and the 5.1.1 nearly
      at the same date !!! I hope the series 5 will have the same success
      than the 4 one ...

      We are waiting the feedback of all salome users for this version regarding
      especially the qt4 look and feel. The porting to qt4 was really a hard job
      and I'm happy to see that it has been finalized !

      To all salome users ... Be patient, some other surprises will arrive soon !
      As you can imagine, it is a heavy job to develop and maintain such a
      complex platform. The GEOM and SMESH modules are often the first used
      but you can build entire applications based on Salome (using existing
      modules and add new ones), you can use the YACS supervisor (for
      advanced users only :) ) to launch distributed calculations and many
      other things ! Sometimes, you can think that there are not a lot of news of
      salome ... but, don't worry, we don't forget the community and every
      feedback is checked in details !



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