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Re: Compilation on Kubuntu 12.04

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Re: Compilation on Kubuntu 12.04

Posted by Adam Wellsh at August 05. 2012



I'm quite new to Kubuntu and Linux, and the Installation Process gets me into some troble.

First of all, the Install wizard wanted me to install fortran first, that was the least problem for me, the build&comply mode started aufter fortran installation. Now the Process was aborted every time it came to building of "boost". I "solved" that by selecting "ignore errors" even though this probably isn't the very elegant way.

After the build&compile process was finished I now connot find the programme in Muon or an executable File enywhere else? 
I think I'm not done yet, but I don't know how to proceed. I've searched for an adequate description of the Installation process on ubuntu but was not able to find one with matching SALOME and (K)Ubuntu Versions.

I've attached a compressed errorlog.

Thank your very much for your help!


Re: Compilation on Kubuntu 12.04

Posted by jeanpierreaubry at August 06. 2012


the installation seems to be ok in


you have to go in the sub directory


and type ./runAppli

all this in a terminal

the Salome installation does not create short cuts or menu entries as usual


jean pierre aubry

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