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Problems with Build and Sat

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Problems with Build and Sat

Posted by John Weiner at June 07. 2017

Dear all, I am new to SALOME but want to learn to use it.  I first tried to download the Ubuntu "complete" package from the download site, but the install instruction failed.  Then I tried the universal LINUX binary.  With the binary installed, I could start SALOME; but when I tried to establish a new geometry, the program crashed because it could not find a graphics library it needed.  

Yesterday (June 6, 2017) I tried to build SALOME from the source files on my UBUNTU-LINUX box, running Ubuntu 17.04.  I downloaded and extracted the source file package form the SALOME site and used the SAT scripts to build.  A number of the files would not compile.  Here is a list of sources that would not compile because of the error message "missing dependencies qt-5.6.1-1

qt, sip, PyQt, matplotlib, cwt, Paraview, lata.

In addition the following sources failed to compile but did not give a reason

boost, CAS, med, oxygen, netgen

So my question is: What should I do to fix these sources so that they compile and link?


Any suggestions would be most welcome.


Best regards, John

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