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11.10 Ubuntu Debian 6.0 64bit could work

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11.10 Ubuntu Debian 6.0 64bit could work

Posted by Joni-Pekka Kurronen at November 03. 2011




Unfortunately not done to clean installation.Whit 11.10 I had

least problems whit Debian 6.0 64 bit version ( salome  version 6.3.1).


At moment I get SIGSEV errors after useing Netgen Mesh module,...

... this can be realted that 6G ram is not enogh memory for meshing.




Re: 11.10 Ubuntu Debian 6.0 64bit could work

Posted by BrendaEM at November 05. 2011



Are you using 64-bit?


You can monitor your memory and watch what it's doing. While meshing, memory goes quickly. I just built a machine with 16GB, but I would feel more comfortable with 24GB. Of course, you should have a Linux swap partition, but once you use starting using VM, it will be slow going if if meshes at all. Fortunately, most solvers don't seem to need much memory.




JMB, gave me some instructions that work with 11.10 64 bit, but they appear to need the logname fix also posted at the end of:


The link seems to be the thing that gets it going, so the apparently complete instructions go like this, whereas MyFiles is your user name:

sudo aptitude install mencoder mjpegtools transcode ffmpeg

# The above are more for animations, etc. not really for core functionality.

cp ~/MyFiles/Download/CodeAster-Salome/Salome_6.3.1_64bit.tar.gz /tmp
cd /tmp
gunzip -cd Salome_6.3.1_64bit.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
cd Salome-V6_3_1_public_64bit

sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /lib/

and then you need to:

To avoid to modification of your ~/.bashrc file, you can also add the following lines into the file [SALOMEDIR]/SALOME6/V6_3_1/

if [ "x${LOGNAME}" = "x" ]; then

  echo "LOGNAME is empty: set value to `logname`"

  export LOGNAME=`logname`


Then you can:


There an icon in Salome, but presently, it need to be ran in a terminal window if ran from Gnome, or sadly Unity.  I had tried to get them to put the standard output in another widow in the same way that the phython console is, but that's another thread.

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