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install for newbie

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install for newbie

Posted by Dominique Chentre at October 02. 2012


I'm currently working on Windows 64 and Ansys but would like to try Salome.

I've tried to launch Salome 6.5.0 for win32 but it doesn't start on my Windows64 (as I supposed before...)

So I need an other OS and I'll install it on an other hard-disk.

I suppose it would be better to have an other HD with Linux, instead of win32.

So, what is the most simple Linux distrib to use for beginning ?

(I've never installed or tried to use Linux before so I would like to know a simple way, not the most powerful).

Then how to install Salome ?

I can download package but don't know how to install / compile this kind of software.
Thanks for any advice,

Re: install for newbie

Posted by jeanpierreaubry at October 02. 2012



with a 64 bit machine the easisest way for a try out is to use the live cd of CAELinux which you can download here

there is everything in it for a starter, more generally this site contains many things with tutorials etc...

later you can choose your distribution with better knowledge

many use Ubuntu, i have been using openSuSE for 15 years now


jean pierre aubry

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