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xdata 0.9.2 on xp32

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xdata 0.9.2 on xp32

Posted by Gwendal Marguerite at May 30. 2012



I'm trying to install xdata on a Xp 32bit with minGW.  

I've tried with the usual method ./configure, make, make install but it crash before the end of the make install and with Cmake which allows me to install and see the python window when i launch xdataGUI, but i can't load any modules (like the examples in  xdata's folder with  " xdatagui --modules=TECHOBJ ").


But forget these test, my question is :  what are the steps for install xdata on xp 32bit with minGW (cmake or not ) ?   

On xp are installed  :

python2.7.3 (windows executable)

PyQt-2.7 (windows executable ) 


Active Tcl 8.5 (windows executable)

and naturally mingw with msys (gcc version 4.6.2) and cmake 2.8.8 (windows executable) 


Thanks in advance, 



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