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32bit Salome and > 4GB memory

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  • 32bit Salome and > 4GB memory

    Posted by Thomas Ward at January 29. 2007
    I am meshing large solid meshse which need huge amounts of memory, if I do this on a 32bit linux kernel theres is an effective limit around 3GB.

    With 64bit binaries I believe this limit is removed, is this correct?

    Do I need to wait for 64bit salome binaries or can I run the 32 bit on (for example)  a debian-sarge-ia32 chroot running on top of a debian-etch-amd64?

    on the same note does anyone know when the next release of salome is planned and whether this next release will have 64bit binaries.

    thanks for any help

    Tom Ward

    P.S. many thanks to the salome community for their efforts. For 10 years I have been using nastran /patran for FE. Every couple of years I check out opensource FE codes and whilst there are been plenty of workable solvers Salome is the first pre and post that I have seen that has the useability of commercial programs.
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