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How to setup OpenPBS?

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  • How to setup OpenPBS?

    Posted by Daniel Tourde - at January 08. 2008
    Hello, I am building Salome on Gentoo (writing ebuilds, as a matter of fact). Now I run into some issues with OpenPBS and the variable OPENPBS. Gentoo has removed OpenPBS for security reason and has replaced it with torque (which seems to be based on the the original OpenPBS). In my ebuild I specify OPENPBS: OPENPBS="/usr" and I clearly state in the ./configure options: --with-openpbs=${OPENPBS} But still I get the following: ============================================================ testing optionnal products ============================================================ --------------------------------------------- checking if MPI is requested by user --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- Testing Batch --------------------------------------------- testing OpenPBS --------------- configure: WARNING: Environment variable OPENPBS not set. Skipping OpenPBS configuration. testing LSF ----------- checking for LSF... no lsf = So, what did I do wrong? BTW, what is LSF? Daniel
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