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Installation Mandriva 2008 - Salome 3.2.6

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  • Installation Mandriva 2008 - Salome 3.2.6

    Posted by Yannick Levron at April 09. 2008

    Hello SalomeTeam,

    I use Mandriva 2008 on my Laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo. And I would like to install Salome 3.2.6 but I have some Problem.

    I have gcc 4.2.2

    When I start to run the installation I do this operation :

    1- [yannick@localhost ]$ InstallWizard_3.2.6_Mandriva2006.0/./runInstall

    2- On the step 2 of the Installation settings I open More

           gcc use native

           tcltk install binaries

          Python install binaries

          Sip install binaries

    and I push Next

    Warning '' You have newer version of gcc installed on your computer than that is required (4.0.1) Continue?''

    I push Yes

    3 - Check your choise - I push Next

    4 - During Installation Progress I have that bad red line :

    used gcc=/usr/bin/gcc

    ./ command not found

    5 - At the end of this installation I have the Warning log message

    I push Next and Finish without Lauch Salome

    6- When I use SALOME Geometry is right

    but when I want to use Mesh

    I have Error

    '' Can not load library ....


    So Could you help me to do a right installation to use SALOME.

    Please Thank a lot




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