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Issue with TUI interface

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  • Issue with TUI interface

    Posted by EdgarGerteisen at May 22. 2008
    Dear Collegues and Developers,
    I had some compiled and operational version on SUSE 9.2. For some reason I had to upgrade to 10.3.
    The compilation of Salome worked with some minor adaptations required for "gcc version 4.2.1" support, see NOTES below.
    Now I experience some issue with the TUI (python) interface of the GEOM module.
    Let's regard the commands in the following script:
    import geompy

    vx = geompy.MakeVectorDXDYDZ(300.,0.,0.)
    id = geompy.addToStudy( vx, "vx" )
    vy = geompy.MakeVectorDXDYDZ(0.,300.,0.)
    id = geompy.addToStudy( vy, "vy" )
    vz = geompy.MakeVectorDXDYDZ(0.,0.,300.)
    id = geompy.addToStudy( vz, "vz" )

    p1 = geompy.MakeVertex(0.,0.,0.)
    p2 = geompy.MakeVertex(0.,0.,300.)
    vz = geompy.MakeVector(p1,p2)
    id = geompy.addToStudy( vz, "vz" )

    pp = geompy.MakeVertex(300.,0.,0.)
    id = geompy.addToStudy( pp, "pp" )
    The MakeVectorDXDYDZ(300.,0.,0.) produces a vector in y direction,
    and MakeVertex(0.,0.,300.) produces the following message:
    MakeVectorDXDYDZ :  Can not build vector with length, less than 1e-07
    or with the vector of 2 points, e.g. vz = geompy.MakeVector(p1,p2) produces
    MakeVectorTwoPnt :  The end points are too close.
    Similar issues are with other functions, e.g MakeOffset
    OffsetShapeCopy :  Absolute value of offset can not be less than the tolerance value (1e-07)
    Interactive interface works perfectly.
    It appears as if the python interface does interpret with some shift in the argument list.

    Presently, I face some difficulties with locating this issue.
    My understanding of the environment is that there happens some CORBA class generation somewhere representing the interface
    to the original C++ code, which then is wrapped somehow by means of swigging.
    I am currently (not yet) deep enough into the implementation details and have no idea how to trace this issue.
    I guess that the same issue may arise on other actual systemenvironments such as latest redhat.

    I would be very grateful, if some of the developers could give me advice how to trace/debug this TUI behavior.

    Looking forward to hearing
    Best regards

    NOTES on openSuse10.3:
    # For xfreetype support from /usr/local
    # needed to get correct freetype for qt
    # ---! should not be installed into /usr/local -> conflicts with X Server

    # to support the friend classes
    setenv CXXFLAGS '-ffriend-injection -fpermissive'

    # for med
    setenv FFLAGS "-ffixed-line-length-none"

    # for VTK
    setenv CMAKE_BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY 2.2 --> does not work
           in InstallWizard_3.2.6_RedHat8.0/config_files/

    #for doxygen
    flex required

    #PATHs/envs not automatically generated

    # automake required for GUI module to build (aclocal)
    # for GUI: include $(CAS_VIEWER) in src/SVTK/ LDFLAGS

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