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  • gcc version

    Posted by Arthur Magill at August 25. 2006
    I'm trying to install Salome 3.2.1 using GUI. I can select lots of packages, but I can't build anything. I get an error stating that I don't have the required gcc version...

    "You don't have gcc 3.3.5 on your computer..."

    but I think I do...

    # gcc -dumpversion

    Does anyone have any ideas? I'd try updating to 3.4, but that breaks lots of other things, so I'd rather not. I've had a quick look in ./config_files/, and I think check_version() is finding the required 30305.
    • Re: gcc version

      Posted by Arthur Magill at August 25. 2006
      Okay, to answer my own question, the problem is the -20050130 on the end of the gcc version string. In the file config_files/, I've changed the third awk delimiter from -F. to -F[.-] in try_native() (line 38):

      rel_ver=`${gcc_root}/bin/gcc -dumpversion | awk -F[.-] '{if(NF>2) print $3; else print 0}'`

      and the same in where_gcc() in (line 410).

      Seems to fix it.
      • Re: gcc version

        Posted by Vadim SANDLER at August 28. 2006
        Hello Arthur,

        Thanks a lot for your help. We'll surely integrate the fix you propose to the next release of SALOME.

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