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CAELinux Beta 3a

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  • CAELinux Beta 3a

    Posted by Joël Cugnoni at September 23. 2006

    It is my pleasure to announce that the third beta version of CAElinux LiveDVD distribution is finally available for download at

    • CAELinux beta 3a is a LiveDVD Linux distribution based on PcLinuxOs .92 (linux kernel 2.6.12): a user-friendly live Linux distribution, with excellent hardware detection and a very simple & efficient hard disk installer.
    • Contains the following CAE softwares:
      • Pre-post processors & CAD:
        • Salome v3.2.1, GMSH, Paraview, XMGrace, CGX, QCad, gCad3D, GraphiteOne, Blender, BRL-CAD
      • FE solvers:
        • Code_Aster v8.3, Elmer 4.0, Tochnog, Calculix, Impact, getDP
      • CFD:
        • OpenFOAM v1.2, OpenFlower, Gerris flow solver
      • Multibody dyn. :
        • MBDyn, EasyAnim
      • Mathematics & office:
        • GNU Octave, Scilab, XMaxima, OpenOffice 2.0, Latex
      • Mesh conversion tools (in an alpha stage):
        • Salome/Unv => Elmer (
        • Salome/Unv => Abaqus / Calculix (
        • Salome/Unv => OpenFoam (unvToFoam plugin)
        • Salome/Unv => Any kind of format ( module)
    • Is provided with tutorials & examples to start learning how to use the included open-source softwares for realistic FE simulation
    • Available in two versions:
      • a LiveDVD ISO image to boot or install the preconfigured Linux environment with optimum performance
      • a VMWare virtual machine to use CAELinux environment directly from your current OS (Windows or Linux OS)
    For more info and downloads:

    Also, I would like to thank all the developpers of Salome who did a great job with the new version: keep on the good work!!

    Best regards,


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