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Build from scratch

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  • Build from scratch

    Posted by Brice MEALIER at November 08. 2006
    Hello everybody

    I would like to build salome from scratch on my archlinux install.

    I read the release notes and there is mentioned to use a "build.csh" script but this one is missing in the archive downloadable from the site.

    Also do you know how to get an account and a password for the Opencascade FTP ?


    • Re: Build from scratch

      Posted by Vadim SANDLER at November 09. 2006
      Hello Brice,

      The script build.csh mentioned in the README, can be found on the config_files subfolder of the SALOME Installation Wizard (it is an archive which you have downloaded from the SALOME site).
      When you install SALOME with the SALOME Installation Wizard the build.csh script is automatically copied to the installation folder.

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