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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

Conversation Forum Posted
Imported groups from CGNS Extension of the platform
by Jonas Aparicio
Wednesday 11:12
Dimensions (Measurements) How to use Salome?
by MRobert
Monday 18:13
Problem with Groups after write MED file using MEDFileUMesh Use
by Milind Dubal
March 15. 2018
Re: Multi - Translation or Multi - Rotation object divide Use
by GPSalachs
March 09. 2018
MG-Hexa: No mesh on sub-shape Use
by Markus Hovorka
March 09. 2018
Terrain Use
by GPSalachs
March 08. 2018
SALOME 8.4 SMESH crashes under VirtualGL Use
by Leon Kos
March 07. 2018
Error qustion. Pls help me~ Use
by Taewon Seo
March 07. 2018
error about a analysis run Use
March 05. 2018
How to remove an edge and replacing it by an arc Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by s1291
February 28. 2018
Viscous Layer Use
by Alejandro Colli
February 28. 2018
successful installation but error in running SALOME! Install & build
by hossein heydari
February 26. 2018
Re: viewing of numbering of nodes and elements Use
February 21. 2018
Improving the bad quality elements in mesh Use
by Abhijit G. Patil
February 20. 2018
Customized installation and specific-purpose use Install & build
by Yu Tso
February 20. 2018
Buffering calls to CORBA OMNIORB Extension of the platform
by Samuel Woodhead
February 16. 2018
Warning after installing Salome 8.3.0 in Ubuntu 16.04 Install & build
by Ghifari Adam Faza
February 16. 2018
"Warning: python library for AsterStudy cannot be found" Meaning? Use
by Don Culp
February 16. 2018
Salome Python Windows10 Install & build
by Yves Nioul
February 15. 2018
MG Hexa - Max level >10? Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by Clyde Porter
February 13. 2018
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