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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

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How can I draw a complex geometry based on the imported .bmp Use
by Allan Yan
Monday 06:17
I can not install Salome 8.2.0 in Ubuntu 16.10 Install & build
Saturday 23:10
Re: Y-junction (pipe bifurcation) Use
by luuli
April 16. 2017
Gmsh in Salome Macro Extension of the platform
by Lucio Gomez
April 14. 2017
Salome is crashed Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by Manuel Fermin Fonseca
April 13. 2017
Up to date Hexablock examples Use
by Morten Ketelsen
April 13. 2017
Generate rmed file with Salome from CFD result Use
by benoit paillard
April 13. 2017
3D mesh airfoil with viscous layer.. Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by ByeongDo Lee
April 10. 2017
making 3D mesh around airfoil.. but high - nonOrthogonal.. Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by ByeongDo Lee
April 09. 2017
makePipeWithDifferentSections does not work for faces with internal wires? Use
by screenmp11
April 04. 2017
Re: SIGFPE when painting a GraphicsView_Object in Plot2D ? Use
by Julien Dubost
April 03. 2017
Problem with Paravis (windows), empty med files Use
by DARQUES Kevin
March 30. 2017
Problem with Salome 8.2 Use
by Ron Burnett
March 27. 2017
Tool Bar creation Extension of the platform
by Rainer Jacob
March 22. 2017
Salome 8.2.0 / error to terminate a 2nd session of HEXABLOCK module Use
by pierre_j
March 21. 2017
Omniorb configuration Use
by Daniel
March 09. 2017
Problem so many points to make airfoil extrusion for 3D Use
by ByeongDo Lee
March 06. 2017
FSI Flluid Structure Interaction with Salome, OpenFoam, Code Saturne Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by Oscar Sosa
March 03. 2017
Implementation of cracks in the mesh Use
by Qiao Jie Yang
February 28. 2017
shape detection with opencv Use
by Rainer Jacob
February 22. 2017
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