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SALOME A la Carte support

Flexible a la carte support adapts to your specific needs because you are able to choose the services that best fit your technical requirements, budget, deadlines and resources. A la carte programs give you a unique opportunity to create custom combinations of support services as you use them. These programs are based on units that you spend to access any service (also priced in units). Available services vary from individual helpdesk queries to on-site consulting, even training sessions can be ordered within a la carte programs!
  • Need to improve your skills using SALOME Mesh? Choose 3 days of training.
  • Not sure how to partition a geometry for a complex mesh operation? Call one of our experts for 2 days on-site consulting.
  • Have a question how to solve that particular problem with SALOME? Submit a helpdesk query to our support team.
Check-out our support services: Check-out available programs & pricing and pick-up the one that fits best to your needs.


  • You have full flexibility to request the services when you need them, according to your particular development project.
  • You shorten development cycle concentrating on your know-how and requesting support from OPEN CASCADE.
  • You have an access to the dedicated Customer Support manager who will always be in context of your project.
  • You can order a correction of any problem that prevents your efficient development.
  • You receive additional privileges over free users, such as access to the up-to-date maintenance releases and advanced programming samples, exclusively available to our clients.
  • With help of yearly programs you also receive additional bonus units.
You also receive all general benefits of the support services.
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