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Patch request

Patch request

With the patch request option you may order a correction of a particular problem that can be found in SALOME. You may decide to use this option when a workaround is not available or if you prefer the most efficient solution.

The corrections of all submitted and fixed problems as well as custom development and internal R&D projects are accumulated and delivered in the nearest release. This can be either a maintenance release (version x.y.z) exclusively available to the supported customers or a publicly available minor (x.y) or major (x.0) release. The latter contains all modifications introduced in the intermediate maintenance releases.

Upon submitting the problem you receive a unique ID, under which the request (a bug or an improvement) has been registered in the tracking tool – Bugzilla. You may always contact the Customer Support manager to consult on the progress of your registered request. Moreover, Release Notes accompanying every SALOME release include an exhaustive enumeration of all corrections made therein. Thus, you can easily find out whether your problem has been completely fixed.

Correction of a problem includes not only debugging and modification of the source code but also involves all certification tasks. These include expanding the existing database with a new test case, making source code portable and running non-regression tests on all supported platforms. Such quality assurance approach will guarantee that the problem will not appear in the future versions of SALOME. In addition, with recent improvement of internal certification process, most of the corrections now result in further updates of technical documentation. This ensures steady growth of the product quality with each delivered release.

Patch request is available as an option within a-la carte programs.

Consider that one patch corrects one bug.

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