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Service and Support

Service and support for SALOME platform

Following a mutual agreement between the SALOME partners, EURIWARE, the parent company of OPEN CASCADE, has been appointed to build and promote a general services offer for SALOME end-users, covering a wide range of SALOME capabilities.

Therefore, EURIWARE proposes a wide range of services such as:

  • Training sessions
    • Several training sessions scheduled each year.
    • As demand grows, additional training sessions can be organized to cover other issues.
  • On demand SALOME training for end users
    • Working with SALOME.
  • On demand SALOME training for developers
    • Integration of an external solver.
    • Integration of a mesher (plugin).
    • Creation of a new SALOME module.
  • On demand consulting / support
    • We will be glad to help you to understand your needs and to build your own future solution for numerical simulation.
  • On demand specific development
    • Creation of a SALOME module (pre/post-processor, new module, etc).
    • Integration of a mesher/solver.
    • Implementation and integration of new functionality to existing module.
    • Other related development.

For any questions or further information, please send us a request via our contact form.


OPEN CASCADE S.A.S. specializes in development and integration of numerical simulation codes. We provide our industrial customers in Europe, North America and Asia with trade-specific solutions integrating their in-house calculation codes and our know-how with open source software platforms.

OPEN CASCADE S.A.S. is a French software services company of EURIWARE group, a subsidiary of Capgemini group. To get more information about the OPEN CASCADE company and products, please, refer to and and/or contact us via contact form.


EURIWARE provides a full range of comprehensive expertise in IT services and consultancy inquiries for productivity, growth, and innovation.

EURIWARE is one of the leading engineering provider companies serving the major industries (Energy, Defense, Services…) in their strategic projects with seamless business solutions.

Systems integration (enterprise systems, industrial and technical systems), outsourcing and consultancy are the core business of EURIWARE.

EURIWARE has an unique industrial approach that leverages the strengths of its offerings to provide its customers with world-class services. EURIWARE is fully owned by Capgemini group.

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