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About Salome

General description

SALOME is a base for integration of custom modules and developing of the custom CAD applications


  • SALOME platform is LGPL licensed
  • Pre-requisite products (> than 15)
    • LGPL or similar license
    • Use “as is” in SALOME
  • Permissions to
    • Download, use, modify and re-distribute SALOME platform
    • Implement own modules and applications basing on SALOME platform
    • Charge a fee for own module or application (but not for SALOME itself)

Supported platforms

SALOME is cross-platform software. Initially developed for Linux, it was later extended to Windows. During the evolution of SALOME, list of officially supported platforms (on which SALOME is tested and qualified) is constantly changed. Please refer to the download page to learn about platforms officially supported by latest SALOME release.

 Main modules

  • Kernel: distributed components management, study management, general services
  • GUI: graphical user interface
  • Geometry: create, edit, import/export CAD models
  • Mesh: mesh a CAD model using a standard meshing algorithm or any external mesher (plugin-system)
  • Med: MED data files management
  • Post-Pro: dedicated viewer to analyse the results of solver computations (scalar, vectorial), obsolete since version 7.2.
  • ParaVis: new post-processing module based on KitWare ParaView application (replaces obsolete Post-Pro module).
  • Supervisor: an easy way to describe a computational schema involving multi-solver coupling. Note: this module is not supported since SALOME vesion 5.0.
  • YACS: alternative supervision module (replaces Supervisor module in SALOME series 5x)

Meshing plug-in modules

Meshing plug-in modules are used to generate 3D/3D meshes in SALOME Mesh modules. For the current moment the following meshing plug-in modules are available:

  • Free: NETGEN
  • Commercial: GHS3D, GHS3D parallel, BLSURF, Hexotic
Note: commercial meshers require license for building and/or using of the corresponding plug-in along with the SALOME Mesh module. 

Sample modules

The sample modules can be used by the developers which want to learn how to create and integrate custom module to the SALOME platform.


In addition, SALOME distribution includes a set of files used for the testing purposes. These files are distributed with SALOME as SAMPLES directory tree that includes shapes in IGES, BREP, SAT formats, meshes in MED, UNV, SAUV formats, tables files, Supervisor and YACS calculation schemas etc.

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