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SALOME 7.3.0  Release Notes

PDF fileDownload SALOME 7.3.0 Release Notes (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Download SALOME 7.3.0

Download SALOME 7.3.0, the result of the SALOME project. There are several ways to get the software:

bullet3 Binaries for officially supported Linux platforms (Installation Wizard):

Please, note that SALOME binaries from archives listed above can also work on other Linux distributions (like RHEL), though no special porting to these distributions has been done. To make sure that SALOME works correctly on your Linux distributions, you can download archive using any of above links and then run SALOME installation procedure in the "install sources and build" mode.

All complete versions of SALOME include:

  • All the technical requirements (pre-requisite products), sources and binaries
  • SALOME version 7.3.0 sources, binaries and documentation
  • Interactive installation procedure
  • Release Notes file
Note: GUI front-end for SALOME Installation Wizard is a 64bits application and it will not run under 32bits platforms. On 32bits platforms it is only possible to run Installation Wizard in the batch mode, using -b option (runInstall -b).

bullet3 Universal binaries for Linux:

Universal binary package is a self-extracting archive. Just download the file and execute it to install SALOME. The installer supports options, run it with "-h" to see full list of available options.

This packaging includes Debian Squeeze layer, all the pre-requisites and SALOME 7.3.0 binaries. It is known to work on Linux distributions like Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, RHEL, etc ...

Please note that this packaging is not officially supported but feel free to report all related issues to the forum.

bullet3 Packages for Windows:

These archives provide only minimal content required to run SALOME (no development files). They are intended for the users who don't need to compile SALOME or third-party code, but only want to run SALOME application. The archives include binaries of the pre-requisites and SALOME modules built in RELEASE mode.

These archives provide "development environment" of SALOME. They include binaries (built in RELEASE and DEBUG modes separately) of the pre-requisites and SALOME modules plus all files (headers, IDL files, adm files etc) required for the compilation of the third-party code (e.g. SALOME-based modules).

These archives include pre-requisites built in both DEBUG and RELEASE modes, SALOME modules sources and build procedure (environment files + build scripts). They can be used to build SALOME and/or third-party code from sources.

Note that these archives do not include SALOME binaries.

All archives are accompanied with the README files describing how to use SALOME on Windows. The binaries of SALOME modules and pre-requisite products are built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

bullet3 Sources and documentation:

Online documentation of latest SALOME release is available here.

An access to the daily development snapshots of SALOME sources can be obtained using git repositories.

bullet3 SALOME Tutorial:

Additionally, you can download the following products used by this version of SALOME:

Please note that these products are also included into SALOME installation procedure.

Hardware Requirements

Minimal Configuration Optimal Configuration
Processor Pentium IV
Dual or Quad Core
RAM 512 MB 4 GB
HDD Space
2 GB
5 GB
Video Card
64 MB 512 MB


Supported Platforms and Software Requirements

Download a PDF file with with SALOME 7.3.0 software requirements, prerequisites and supported platforms. Additional information about pre-requisite products used by SALOME can be found on the License page.

  PDF fileSupported platforms, prerequisites and software requirements (96 KB)
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