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 SALOME 8.2.0 Release Notes

PDF fileDownload SALOME 8.2.0 Release Notes (PDF, 216 KB)

Download SALOME 8.2.0

bullet3 Binaries for officially supported Linux platforms

These SALOME packages include:

  • All the software requirements;
  • SALOME version 8.2.0;
  • User documentation;
  • Release Notes;
  • README file describing how to run SALOME from these packages.

To install SALOME, just download and unpack an archive, most appropriate to your Linux platform, for example:

% tar xfz SALOME-8.2.0-CO6.4.tgz

To run SALOME, then use 'salome command:

% cd SALOME-8.2.0-CO6.4
% salome

Note that SALOME binaries from above listed archives can also work on other Linux distributions (like RHEL), though this is not guaranteed. You can try universal Linux binaries (see below) on platforms which are not directly supported.

bullet3 Universal binaries for Linux

Note: 32-bits platforms are not supported.

Universal binary package is a self-extracting archive. Just download the file and execute it to install SALOME:

% chmod +x

The installer supports options, run it with "-h" to see full list of available options.

This package includes Debian Squeeze layer, all the pre-requisites and SALOME 8.2.0 binaries. It is known to work on Linux distributions like Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, RHEL, etc ...

bullet3 Packages for Windows

Note: 32-bits platforms are not supported.

The package includes:

  • All the software requirements;
  • SALOME version 8.2.0;
  • User documentation;
  • Build environment (scripts which can be used to build SALOME from sources);
  • Release Notes;
  • README file describing how to use and/or build SALOME on Windows.
Note: SALOME is built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

bullet3 Sources

Also, sources of SALOME can be retrieved directly from the Git repositories, with the following tags:

  • libBatch library: V2_3_0;
  • Modules, plugings, samples, tools: V8_2_0.

bullet3 Documentation

Also, online documentation of latest SALOME release is available here.


Additionally, you can download the following products used by this version of SALOME:

Please note that these products are also included into the SALOME 8.2.0 packages.

Hardware Requirements

Minimal Configuration Optimal Configuration
Processor Pentium IV
Dual or Quad Core
RAM 512 MB 4 GB
HDD Space
2 GB
5 GB
Video Card
64 MB 512 MB

Software Requirements

Download a PDF file with SALOME 8.2.0 software requirements. Additional information about pre-requisite products used by SALOME can be found on the License page.

PDF fileSoftware requirements (PDF, 94 KB)
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