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SALOME platform web site promotes companies that offers services and products around the platform.

SALOME Eco-System partners

Distene logo
Since 1993, DISTENE has evolved into an acknowledged leading supplier of Meshing Technologies on the market of CAD/CAE software developers.

MeshGems, the DISTENE's library of meshing components - implements state-of-the-art technologies as designed to be embedded into third party CAD/CAE applications. Because Speed, Quality and Reliability of their applications over time, the DISTENE's customers have made the choice of MeshGems to help them developing and/or enhancing their product. ANSYS, AUTODESK, CETIM, CoCreate Software, Dassault Systemes, LSTC, MSC.Software, PTC, Siemens PLM, SolidWorks and more than fifty other software vendors trust and rely on MeshGems.

Since these components are available as an option in the SALOME Platform, its users can take benefit of this high-end technology for meshing. More precisely, SALOME users can have access to:

- BL-Surf, a Surface tri/quad mesh generator from CAD files:
  • Mixed quad/tri mesh generator
  • Metric crossing the geometric curvature and the given iso- or aniso-tropic size maps
  • Up-front CAD cleaning module to help the mesh generation step
  • Validated against industrial requirements and datasets
- TetMesh-GHS3D, a volume tet mesh generator from surface meshes:
  • Fully automatic meshing process
  • Optimized meshing speed: 2 350 000 elements/minute on Pentium IV-2,8GHz under Linux
  • High quality volume meshes
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Sets the market standards
- Hexotic, a fully-automatic Hexahedral mesh generator:
  • Fully automated: it does not require any knowledge on meshing from the user's part
  • Generates only valid (no negative volume elements), conformal (no hanging nodes) hexahedra
  • Meshes volume and boundary together
  • Adaptive capabilities
  • Handle multiple sub-domains
  • Accurate meshing of sharp features (sharp edges and corner vertices)
  • Fast: 6 million elements per minute on an 8-core 2.93 ghz xserve
For further information, contact DISTENE at and/or visit this page . Visit us at

Datakit logo Datakit is the leader in the CAD data exchange market.

Datakits provides a set of CAD connectors for SALOME allowing import and export of Geometry between SALOME and a vast set of popular CAD package such as CATIA V4 and CATIA V5, Solidworks, Siemens NX, ProEngineer, etc...

Visit us at

Deltacad logo DeltaCAD is a software company specialized in CAD/CAE applications development, which also proposes services for Salome Meca and Code_Aster users.

DeltaCAD is 15 years experienced with Code_Aster. Our engineers worked since 10 years with EDF R&D to develop new Code_Aster versions. An independant team carried out several independant validations of Code_Aster physical simulation capabilities and pre and post processing tools (Salome Meca, Eficas, Stanley).

Code_Aster hot line is also operated by DeltaCAD for EDF engineers and their partners.

We propose also all services to optimize the Code_Aster exploitation (integration, training, support, ...).

More information on and

Tortuetec logo tortuetec GmbH

Testing and modeling of plastics.


Logilab logo Logilab develops software that integrates well with SALOME and Code_Aster and contributes to these projects with debian packaging, plug-ins and optimisations.

See, and

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