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SALOME User Day 2016

EDF, CEA and OPEN CASCADE are pleased to inform you that the SALOME User Day 2016 took place on 9th of December 2016 at EDF Lab Saclay. We would like to cordially thank those who participated and welcome them to participate next years, too.

Below on this page you will find links to some of the presentations delivered at this year's SALOME User Day.

PDF file icon SALOME news / Guillaume Boulant (EDF), Aymeric Canton (CEA)

PDF file icon A step forward in parametric computation using YACS and Open TURNS / Anne Laure Popelin, Mohamed Torkhani (EDF)

PDF file icon Fragility curves and probabilistic floor spectra module / Karina Macocco (Phimeca)

PDF file icon Post-processing: coming next in SALOME / Adrien Bruneton, Clarisse Genrault (CEA), Cédric Aguerre (EDF)

PDF file icon SALOME-HYDRO 1.0: A platform dedicated to free surface hydraulic studies / Jacques Fontaine (EDF)

PDF file icon CORPUS: Coupling between neutronics, thermal-hydraulics and fuel performance for the modeling of a rod ejection accident / Jean-Charles Le Pallec, Nicolas Crouzet (CEA)

PDF file icon Presentation of the IODA Project (Industrial Optimal Design using Adjoint) / Salvatore Auriemma (OPEN CASCADE)

PDF file icon The MeshGems Suite in SALOME: overview and focus on hybrid meshing / Jean-François Lagüe (Distène)

PDF file icon Methodologies for multi-year complex simulations with several contributors / Jérôme Ferrari (EDF)

PDF file icon MATIX_P: A multiscale simulation platform dedicated to materials under irradiation / Laurent Dupuy (CEA)

PDF file icon Conclusion / Thibaut Autrusson (EDF), Francis Kloss (CEA)

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