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SALOME User Day 2018

CEA, EDF and OPEN CASCADE are pleased to inform you that the SALOME User Day 2018 took place on 27th of March 2018 at CentraleSupélec, Francis Bouygues building, Joël Rousseau Theater. We would like to cordially thank those who participated and welcome them to participate next years, too.

Below on this page you will find links to some of the presentations delivered at this year's SALOME User Day.

PDF file icon  Introduction to the SALOME USERS' DAY 2018 / Xavier Raepsaet (CEA)

PDF file icon  SALOME news / Francis Kloss (CEA), Vincent Stobiac (EDF)

PDF file icon  ALAMOS use in HORUS3D/N scientific computing tool for the JHR / Thibault Sauzedde (CEA), Julien Politello (CEA)

PDF file icon  AsterStudy: A SALOME success story / Guillaume Drouet (EDF), Thomas de Soza (EDF)

PDF file icon  Overview of recent applications of SALOME to prepare and mesh Code_Saturne CFD models / Nicolas Tonello (RENUDA)

PDF file icon  Optimal calibration of TELEMAC-2D models based on a data assimilation algorithm / Cédric Goeury (EDF)

PDF file icon  Using SALOME to compute the fluid/structure geometric properties for CATHARE 3D input data / Sofia CARNEVALI (CEA), Christophe BOURCIER (CEA)

PDF file icon  Using Containers to develop and port Salome: First experiments and feedback / Christophe Trophime (CNRS)

PDF file icon  Procedures and utilities for SALOME's maintenance / Frédéric Pons (OCC)

PDF file icon  SALOME_CFD: a Complete Fluid Dynamics Toolchain for Complex Industrial Applications / Marie-Charlotte Gauffre (EDF), Yvan Fournier (EDF), Martin Ferrand (EDF)

PDF file icon  WPROCESS: A calculation tool for welding / Clarisse Genrault (CEA), Fabrice Gaudier (CEA)

PDF file icon  Closure of the Day / Aymeric Canton (CEA), Thibaut Autrusson (EDF)

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