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SALOME User Day 2019

SALOME User Day 2019 took place on 4th of April 2019 at EDF Lab Paris-Saclay. CEA, EDF and OPEN CASCADE would like to cordially thank those who participated and welcome them to participate next years, too.

Below on this page you will find links to some of the presentations delivered at this year's SALOME User Day.

PDF file icon SALOME news / L'actualité de SALOME / Francis Kloss (CEA), Alexandra Martín Sánchez (EDF)

PDF file icon OSCAR code: an unique simulation tool for reactor’s contamination / Le code OSCAR: un outil unique de simulation de la contamination en réacteur / Jérôme Francescatto (CEA), Frédéric Dacquait (CEA)

PDF file icon PI: Analysis of fast dynamic phenomena in flexible piping / PI: Analyse de phénomènes de dynamique rapide dans les tuyauteries flexibles / Léonard Antoinat (EDF), Guillaume Drouet (EDF)

PDF file icon Building and meshing computational domains for industrial CFD with SALOME / Préparation de géométries et de maillages pour des applications CFD industrielles avec SALOME / Nicolas Tonello (RENUDA)

PDF file icon PPGP: Pre and post processing with the thermohydraulic tool GV Génépi+ / PPGP: Pré et post-traitements de l'outil de thermohydraulique GV Génépi+ / Sandrine Gyuran (CEA)

PDF file icon Automated GUI testing of SALOME with Squish / Automatisation des tests de l'IHM de SALOME avec l'outil Squish / Richard Renou (ASTEK), Bernard Sécher (CEA)

PDF file icon Development of the use of open source numerical tools in Cameroon / Développement de l'utilisation du numérique open source au Cameroun / Michaël Ndjinga (CEA)

PDF file icon Closure of the Day / Clôture de la journée / Aymeric Canton (CEA), Vincent Stobiac (EDF)

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