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Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by bullmut at October 18. 2019

sorry for the blank original post, it seems the board was not working.

I am trying to create a mesh in 3D. Originally i created an stl and did the meshing elsewhere but since i could not increase the stl resolution i have decided to use SALOMEs built in mesh generation.
I have built a closed geometry in SALOME and built a fused object from the relevant surfaces. I went to the mesh module thereafter but when i tried to create a geometry it only gave a 2d option.

I then went back to my geometry and made a solid from connected faces. This allowed me to select the 3D option in the mesh module.

Now however it only meshes the faces.. i don't get an internal mesh.

I have attached the script i used for those interested.

I really hope you can help me.



Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by bullmut at October 21. 2019

Any help will be appreciated.

Even links to tutorials please

Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by Christophe Bourcier at October 29. 2019


Here are some hints:

1. Install Salome 9.3.0 (it seems you are using 8.2.0)

2. In 9.3.0, you can remesh an imported mesh (like your stl) by right-click edit and chose netgen in 2D tab.

3. Your python script has errors, I can't reload it. So I can't tell you why you don't have internal mesh. You can check with right click mesh information if there are volume elements and/or with a right click in the view and clipping.

4. You should have a look at SHAPER in 9.3.0 which allows to build shapes faster than in GEOM.


Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by Andrey Musienko at November 01. 2019


in fact, after a few of simple tests, like a box 100x100x200

rod 1x2x10 or tube compression,

 meshed in thetrahedra,

a 3d simple test seems a story of some clicks (v.7.8.0) !!!


Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by bullmut at November 05. 2019

Hi All


Thank you both for the feedback.

I realized my mistake - i was just making faces and stitching them together. This, i think told Salome that it was not a volume but a bunch of surfaces. I have corrected this by building a box and removing volumes. I have aworking mesh :)


But while i have you attention do you know how to include viscous layers in the 3d parameters section? Similar to what i do on line 480 - 491


Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by Saint Michael at November 05. 2019


Your defines geometry only, and no mesh.


Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by bullmut at November 11. 2019

I cant explain the lack of code, so let me try upload it again...

I am trying to add viscous layers using the TUI commands, and have a mesh that works if i comment ln 476 -519




Re: 3D mesh...

Posted by Saint Michael at November 11. 2019

You can add viscous layers as follows

NETGEN_2D3D.ViscousLayers( thickness, numberOfLayers, stretchFactor, ... )

You could find it out by defining viscous layers in GUI and then dumping the study (File > Dump Study )


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