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On meshing long extruded objects

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On meshing long extruded objects

Posted by nprabhukhanolkar at July 24. 2019

Does anyone have a good strategy for optimising computing time of meshing, if I have a complex beam cross section, that I have extruded really long, and Salome takes an inordinate time to mesh it the whole length? If I am to give numbers, consider the dimensions of the cross sections to be in a box of 100 X 100mm, extruded for 2500 mm. Enclosed image below.


Is it better to create one smaller length extrusion, copy it to create the full length, and then later bond them together in Code Aster or any other FE? 

Please advice on the above - I am a newbie to Salome.


Re: On meshing long extruded objects

Posted by Sergio Pluchinsky at July 24. 2019

I wolud consider remove non necesary small features in the beam section before meshing, also spliting the face to be able to use mainly mapped quads elements, then extrude to hexas


See the example, would be better to have three element in thickness.



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