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honeycomb model in Salome

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honeycomb model in Salome

Posted by sunprince at February 19. 2019


I have a question regarding the honeycomb model in Salome.
The model consists of aluminum honeycomb and two fiberglass layers.
The model is partitioned first then exploded to be able to define boundary conditions and I got 2400 faces. 

I created group for the top and bottom layers.

In calculix wizard, I tried to add material and sections. However, I can only find the top plate and bottom plate and Eall. I want to ask:
Can I use Eall and define aluminum material for the whole model? Then define other materials to the top and bottom so that the resultant materials are aluminum in honeycomb and fiberglass for top/bottom structure?

Or I have to add a group for the honeycomb faces for material definition?

Would you please, advise me over that?
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