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STEP import errors in shaper module

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STEP import errors in shaper module

Posted by Anirudh Nehra at September 28. 2019


I am experiencing difficulties while importing an assembly in STEP format in Shaper module of Salome 9.3

The assembly imported ok in geometry module.

But in shaper module, it creates cumulatively increasing multiple copies of a variable assembly instance. The instance is a compound.

This instance is like this:

first instance has only first part

Second instance had first part+ second part

Third has first + second + third and so on..



This breaks assembly hierarchy and creates unnecessary copy of same part many times over which gets difficult for shaper to handle. Any part update becomes slow and sluggish.


I will try to post a sample STEP file but you can try with any STEP file with a few parts to reproduce this behaviour.




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