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Mesh preparing for Openfoam (chtMultiRegion Solver)

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Mesh preparing for Openfoam (chtMultiRegion Solver)

Posted by sebastian nowak at April 18. 2013


i want to create a MultiRegion Mesh; 3 solid Meshes and 1 fluid Mesh. Is there any Option to "tell" my Mesh whether it is a fluid mesh oder a solid mesh? In the Openfoam tutorial "chtMultiRegion" the mesh is splitted by "splitMeshRegions", but my idea is to split the Mesh directly in Openfoam. Would that be a good way to solve my problem?


Re: Mesh preparing for Openfoam (chtMultiRegion Solver)

Posted by Bibin K.S at March 18. 2015

Hi Sebastian,


            Even I'm trying to solve a chtMultiRegion problem. could you please help me





Re: Mesh preparing for Openfoam (chtMultiRegion Solver)

Posted by salvatore at March 19. 2015

hi guys,

i was involved in this case and i solved it!

you just create your geometry and from the function "create group" you define which is the fluidRegion and solid region. then in the mesh section you do it again selecting the groups and name them with the appropriate name: 

Fox example: you have a sphere inside a box, the sphere is the solidRegion and the box minus the sphere is the fluidRegion. In the geometry section you ll define (with the function create group) the sphere as solidRegion and the fluidRegion (you ll get simply making a cut boolean operation with the box and the sphere) as a fluidRegion. In the mesh section u have to do the same.

you convert to openFOAM environment using:  >> ideasUnvToFoam, then >> splitMeshRegions -cellZones -overwrite and that's all. To say to openFOAM which is the fluid and the solid region you have to set the appropriate properties in the constant folder as in the tutorial example!


i hope is clear for you, enjoy ;)


best regards 


Re: Mesh preparing for Openfoam (chtMultiRegion Solver)

Posted by Nicola D'Ettole at January 20. 2019

hi sorry for i know is a old post,


but solidRegion and fluidRegion

are different solids ( compound) with independents surfaces or a single solid ( partition)  with common surfaces?




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