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Set group values in MED export

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Set group values in MED export

Posted by Massimiliano Leoni at October 23. 2020
Hello, I have a mesh with domains defined as groups of volumes. When I export it to MED format and ask for groups to be created, they are created correctly but each group is assigned a number chosen by Salome. For example, the five subdomains in this particular mesh are exported with integer values from -20 to -24. Since I want to later specify those values in some other software, I would like to be able to decide what number is assigned to what group of volumes. Is this possible? Thanks! Massimiliano

Re: Set group values in MED export

Posted by GĂ©rald NICOLAS at November 26. 2020


In fact these numbers are not an image of the groups: a group is only defined by its name. The numbers define the families. The conceipt of family is specific to med: an element belongs to a single family, whatever the groups that it belongs to (or not). A family gathered all the elements that belongs to the same group(s).

When you read the med file, you have to uncode the description of each family (i.e. the group(s)). Then you build the group by collecting the elements with the number of family.

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