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won't save .hdf

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won't save .hdf

Posted by Mike Campbell at December 18. 2015

When attempting to save my study I get what you see below in the Python.exe command window. What's my fix?


th. 000000004B3BFAD0 - Trace ..\..\..\..\SMESH_SRC\src\SMESH_I\SMESH_Gen_i.cxx [2994] : SMESH_Gen_i::Save

Could Not Find C:\Program Files\Salome\SALOME-7.6.0-WIN64\TMP\109960\_SMESH.hdf

..\..\..\med-3.0.8_SRC\src\hdfi\_MEDfileOpen.c [61] : Erreur à l'ouverture du fichier

..\..\..\med-3.0.8_SRC\src\hdfi\_MEDfileOpen.c [61] :

..\..\..\med-3.0.8_SRC\src\hdfi\_MEDfileOpen.c [62] : accessmode = 0

..\..\..\med-3.0.8_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileCompatibility.c [54] : Erreur à l'ouverture du fichier

..\..\..\med-3.0.8_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileCompatibility.c [54] : C:\Program Files\Salome\SALOME-7.6.0-WIN64\\TMP\109960\

..\..\..\med-3.0.8_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileCompatibility.c [55] : filename = "C:\Program Files\Salome\SALOME-7.6.0-WIN64\\TMP\109960\"

th. 000000004B3BFAD0 - Trace ..\..\..\..\SMESH_SRC\src\SMESH_I\SMESH_Gen_i.cxx [3937] : SMESH_Gen_i::Save() completed

The system cannot find the path specified.

Re: won't save .hdf

Posted by Daniel at January 05. 2016

can you save the file in another folder?

Re: won't save .hdf

Posted by KJG at January 06. 2016

Try this...

Salome might not  have the temporary folder set correctly.  Mine didn't and this worked for me.

Open env_launch.bat in the Salome main path and add (with text editor) the line given below at the very bottom of the bat file. Save and start Salome. Should work.


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