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Re: Deleting unnecessary edges

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Re: Deleting unnecessary edges

Posted by yoshida.s at October 20. 2017

Hi, I'm a beginner in salome and this is my first post.

I have a few years of experience in structural analysis using Altair HyperWorks, but some months in Salome.

this is a question about usage of "GEOMETRY" module.


I'm trying to mesh an structural part (volume) and like to know if there is a good way for internal edge deletion in order to improve mesh quality.  (easily if possible...)

In the attached figure, vertical green edge is deleted.


Tried commands in "Repair" menu , but not satisfactory.


any advice is welcome.



Re: Deleting unnecessary edges

Posted by Giovanni Medici at September 14. 2020

I know it is an old post, nevertheless, as I think this (unanswered) question may prevent successfull meshing of complex objects, I'd like to know: did any of you find any solution? Was this issue solved in recent SALOME updates?


Re: Deleting unnecessary edges

Posted by Christophe Bourcier at September 22. 2020


in SHAPER, you can use FusionFaces.

In GEOM, you can use Remove Extra Edges (with Union faces ticked) or Union Faces.


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