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Shaper extreme slow with larger sketch

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Shaper extreme slow with larger sketch

Posted by Tobias Holzmann at January 11. 2021

Hey everybody,

sorry for my empty post before but I am not able to write into the message field on my linux machine the last month/years. Back to the topic. I encounter huge problems while having a larger sketch. Large means that I do have around 50 to 70 constrains. After removing one constrain or line, it takes seconds to minutes after things are changing (only one sketch without any extrusion or something like that).

Is this a common issue? I had similar behavior with the geometry module? I am using the pre-compiled binaries since ever. I love Salome and also shaper but I have the feeling that even for a bit more complex geometries, it get stuck and gets slow.

Any remarks?
Thanks Tobi

Re: Shaper extreme slow with larger sketch

Posted by Gérald NICOLAS at January 20. 2021


I am interested in your problem. We did not encounter that behavior. Maybe because we try to limit the number of constraints in a sketch and prefer to have new sketches.

Nevertheless, I would like to understand what happens. Could you transfer your problem ,either hdf or python? You can mail it to my adress et


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