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Salome 8.2 - Explode issue

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Salome 8.2 - Explode issue

Posted by Martin Vanco at March 19. 2017



I just downloaded 8.2 and I have problem to use Explode function in New Entity menu.

When I try to us e it, following error will appear:

GUI library corresponding to the user action can not be found or loaded

In 7.8 it was working fine.


Can somebody tel me what can be wrong?



Re: Salome 8.2 - Explode issue

Posted by Saint Michael at March 20. 2017

Hi Martin

Something is wrong with either your installation or the way of starting SALOME.

Since Geometry module starts OK I think your installation is OK. Most probably the module tries to load an incompatible GUI library, maybe v7.8.0.instead v8.2.0.




Re: Salome 8.2 - Explode issue

Posted by Site Administrator at March 20. 2017

Hello Martin,

Thank you for the reporting this problem. 

SALOME Windows archive has been updated on the site, now this problem is corrected.



SALOME site administrator.

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