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Too much delay in cutting

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Too much delay in cutting

Posted by Kon G at October 01. 2018


I make a 3d airfoil using mathematical equations of Naca - 4 digit in order to simulate an extrernalair flow around a wing. I follow the next steps:

1. I Make the line shape of the airfoil using the "geompy.MakeCurveParametric" utility (1d-airfoil)

2. Make a face from this closed line (2d-airfoil)

3. Extrude this face along a path which is made again by "geompy.MakeCurveParametric". Generally this is a curved line path but

   in this case is a straight line.(3d-airfoil)

4. Make a box which includes the 3d-airfoil.

5. I  cut the airfoil from the box in order to make the computational domain.

Process 5  takes about 5 mimutes unlike usual cutting process which takes some seconds.

What is the problem? I kindly attach the python script which generates the above. 

thank you


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