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Spring vs 3D

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Spring vs 3D

Posted by Bhattarai at December 10. 2019

Dear Salome users and experts,

I have a model to consider hugely varying dimension to generate FE mesh. As one can find in the attached web page, two orthogonal pipes of diameters 0.174 mm (green pipe) and 0.333 mm (brown pipe) are connected to a 3D object (gray). I had tried already with 3D meshing for all, but the computation is very time consuming. Because I have a complete model which looks like net consisting of interconnected series of longitudinal and transversal pipes and over 6 millions tetrahedrons are used to mesh such geometry.

Now, I would like to switch to spring model for the pipes instead of 3D elements. Can one infer me how the geometry of the pipes can be constructed? I am new in the spring calculations. 

Is it simply done by creating corresponding lines of orthogonal pipes and generating 1D mesh out of it?

The model is available here:

Thank you very much for the support.


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