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Slow face group edit in shaper

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Slow face group edit in shaper

Posted by Steffen S at July 30. 2021


I can not edit groups with many faces in the shaper module because of the slow reaction time of the salome application.

The aim is to create face groups for boundary conditions in an FE-analysis. I therefore created a face group in the shaper module.
First I selected 1400 faces by spanning a mouse rectangle area. After this I tried to manually select additional faces by clicking each one individually. But after every click the application froze for several seconds. Ubuntu warnings poped up complaining salome does not responding anymore. Due to this slow response, group editing is practically impossible.

Also, the overall application responsibility on different salome modules was very poor with this part.

The shaper part is an imported geometry from a step file. It is a machine part and consists of a volume with approximately 5000 outer faces. This is a typical CAD-geometry of machines, not an extraordinary complex one.

The performance was checked with salome 9.6 and 9.7 under Ubuntu 21.04 and 20.04. I also tried two machines: 1. Intel i5-6500 CPU with AMD Radeon 7570 (mesa_salome executable); 2. Intel i7-7800K with NVIDIA RTX 2070S. Even with the second very powerful machine was no fast editing possible.

Now my questions:
Is this responsibility issue due to a slowdown because of this many faces and heavy computing for each of them?
Or is there a issue with step files in general?
Can this maybe sped up further by improving the application code?

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