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[Bug] Crash SMESH module

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[Bug] Crash SMESH module

Posted by Moise Rousseau at January 04. 2019

Hi !

I would like to report a bug occuring in the SMESH module. I am running the latest release of Salome (9.2.0) on Ubuntu 18.04.

The crash occur when trying to compute a mesh on a geometrical object after its evaluation failed. You can reproduce he bug by following the next procedure :

1) Load the file Geometry_v2_light.hdf (attached). Note this file have been created entirely with Salome and have not been modified by other software. I should delete some intermediaire geom object because of attachment size restriction.

2) Load the SMESH module

3) Open the group Model DP and select the 'Env' geometry

4) create a new mesh with the following algorithm : (3D) Hexahedron (i,j,k) / (2D) Quadrangle mapping / (1D) Wire discretisation and the hypothesis : Max size set to 5

5) Evaluate the mesh (sometime crash here), where the evaluation fail, and compute it (crash 90% of the time)

The terminal output associated the the bug is only : "munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer"


Hope you can fix this bug.

I remain at your disposition if you more information.

Good evening !



Re: [Bug] Crash SMESH module

Posted by Anirudh Nehra at January 04. 2019

The developers are least interested in solving our issues. 

Re: [Bug] Crash SMESH module

Posted by GĂ©rald NICOLAS at January 08. 2019

I am afraid this structure cannot be meshed with Hexahedron(i,j,k) because it is not similar to a cube.

Re: [Bug] Crash SMESH module

Posted by SMESH expert at January 09. 2019

Hello Moise,

Thank you for reporting this issue, it is fixed with commit 890ce9f in smesh.git master, the fix will be available in the next release.

Best regards


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