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MED Volume and boundary connectivities

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MED Volume and boundary connectivities

Posted by Giorgio Bornia at October 26. 2018


  I created a square mesh with one QUAD4 or QUAD9 element to understand the connectivity in the .med file

  and the corresponding boundary connectivity of SEG2 or SEG3.

  For the boundary connectivity I get the list "1 1 3 2 2 3 4 4" which I don't understand how I should interpret.

  In fact, an edge cannot be described by two node indices that are the same, so I don't know how to read the edges here.

  Also, the connectivity of QUAD4 runs counterclockwise in this case.


  Then, I created a mesh with 4 square elements instead, and it seems to me that the QUAD4 connectivity now goes differently,

  say  "like a cross", and the boundary connectivity seems to be more understandable at least.


  Also: if I want to have a biquadratic mesh, do I always have first all the linear connectivities listed, then the added nodes,

  or is it something that happens only when I start with a linear mesh and then I use "Convert to biquadratic"?

  Is there a way to compute the biquadratic mesh from the beginning, without conversion, and would the connectivity list change in that case?


Thanks for your help,


Re: MED Volume and boundary connectivities

Posted by Giorgio Bornia at November 05. 2018

Ok, I understood how the connectivities are stored: first all the 1st nodes of all elements, then all the 2nd nodes, and so on.

I was used to mesh formats where the connectivities are listed on a per-element basis instead.



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